More than just an office chair.

The art of good sitting.

Back friendly office chairs directly from the manufacturer in Switzerland.

TERGON develops and produces office chairs on which you sit healthily and comfortably. That is why we dedicate ourselves with passion and competence every day. We guarantee a unique seating comfort and sophisticated ergonomics that supports and strengthens your back.

We rely on first-class Swiss quality, highest functionality, sophisticated technology, individual advice and a personal service on site.

Take the opportunity to test a Swiss Ergochair. We invite corporate clients to a free trial.

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„My back complaints no longer occur, even after a long working day.“

„The TERGON chair is [...] the first chair on which I sit outstandingly.“

„TERGON provided us with model chairs very quickly and easily.“

Setting up your office chair has never been that easy.

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Treat your back to a four-week vacation
In Switzerland, Germany and the Benelux countries, we deliver our Swiss Ergochair non-bindingly to your company. Then you can strengthen your back for a period of 4 weeks with our motion module and relax with the Twin Comfort System. If you still would like to return the chair, it will be picked up personally by us and there will be no costs for you. Is that a good offer?
Please fill in the address form below in order for us to get in touch with you - your back will be very thankful.