The coccyx seat by TERGON

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The coccyx, the rudimentary remains of the "tail" of our ancestors?

The end of our spine is anything but a useless little appendage. Because even though we no longer swing from branch to branch keeping our balance with our tail, we still use the coccyx to control ourselves in space. To the side, to the front or to the back, but above all to the height. The coccyx is our third leg.

Fracture, bruise, sprain, hairline fracture or irritation - the range of injuries on the coccyx is wide. But no matter for what reason and whom the coccyx hurts: affected people usually cannot sit for days, weeks, sometimes even months without suffering.
Sitting for too long and on hard chairs or a too straight posture on narrow or soft bicycle saddles can also lead to coccyx pain.
How to relieve the suffering?

Relieve the coccyx when sitting in order for the inflammation to subside.
Firstly through a soft seat pad and secondly through a special seat. We have developed a seat cushion which is very soft and which relieves the coccyx area through a special recess. The consumers using our coccyx seat say that they have significantly less stress and pain in the coccyx. They can sit on their chair again for a longer period of time without feeling any pain at all.

Do you have employees in your office with coccyx pain?
Then register for a free test of the TERGON office chair with coccyx seat „HERE“ with the comment „Test coccyx chair“

January 2020

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Treat your back to a four-week vacation
In Switzerland, Germany and the Benelux countries, we deliver our Swiss Ergochair non-bindingly to your company. Then you can strengthen your back for a period of 4 weeks with our motion module and relax with the Twin Comfort System. If you still would like to return the chair, it will be picked up personally by us and there will be no costs for you. Is that a good offer?
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