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Making the world better, in our own way.

Using our vision, expertise and possibilities: that’s what drives us. Back problems are the result of sitting down at work, and we’re tackling them with our exceptionally comfortable office chairs. We invest a portion of the profit we make in social projects.


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TERGON - The swiss chair makers

Everyone can sit, but sitting well is an art created by TERGON.

The history of TERGON begins in 1999 with the development of a new office chair concept by the founders, who have many years of experience in the office chair market and in corporate finance. "Healthy and comfortable sitting .." combined with proven Swiss quality and precise work is the strength of the "Swiss Ergochairs". In direct contact with thousands of corporate clients, we are passionate about bringing our office chairs up to speed and adapting to the ever-changing needs of office environments. Personal contact with the end customer and feedback from our TERGON employees on site is a crucial source of our innovative strength and readiness for further development. Different sitting behaviors and body sizes with varying workplaces and activities in the office remains a constant challenge and needs a flexible and tailor-made seating solution. If you wish, our trained consultants will work with you to tailor the office chair to your individual needs. So that everything really sits!

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Our 3 pillars: Health, Comfort and advice

Sitting on a ball is extremely good for your back, but you do that at the physiotherapist’s, not in your office. You can’t let your posture become a distraction there. That’s why having an ergonomic office chair isn’t an unnecessary luxury. But what’s the point if the chair isn’t properly set up? That’s why all TERGON office chairs come with three guarantees: health, comfort and advice.

First pillar: Health

A wealth of knowledge from doctors and physiotherapists goes into TERGON office chairs. One area where you can see this is in the techniques we apply: backrests with adjustable height, adjustable seats, motion modules and adjustable armrests. TERGON office chairs support good posture and stimulate movement in your back. Your shoulder, neck and back muscles become looser, preventing painful tension from building up. Moving the spine strengthens the muscles and keeps the intervertebral discs supple and agile. Hernias won’t stand a chance.

Our chairs have been tested and assessed by a number of specialist services. Dr Roland Nowak, company physician at the Asklepios Langen-Seligenstadt hospitals, says: “Our physiotherapists unanimously praised the biomechanical composition of these office chairs. The adjustable backrest resistance, in particular, ensures the lumbar lordosis is helpfully supported. This guarantees users will sit dynamically with different pressure on the paravertebral postural muscles.”

Second pillar: Comfort

With the unique TwinComfort System in the chair's back and seating areas you get the back support that you need to stay dynamic and resilient. This will make you feel fit and relaxed, even after a long day at the office.
Similar to the texture of a mattress, multiple layers provide a unique level of seating comfort that you vill only find with TERGON chairs.

All the materials we use when producing our chairs are carefully chosen. For example, the moulded foam used in the seat and backrest comes from Norway. It has the exact properties we wanted for our TwinComfort system. It is specially processed, meaning it always goes back to its original tension, even after years of use. Think of it the same way you think of your mattress. It is also made up of a number of layers to give your back the support and comfort it needs.
As we said before: you don’t sit in a TERGON office chair, it fits around your body. You’ll quickly forget that you’re even sitting down.

Super comfortable office chairs:
Noticeably different due to the unique two-layer cushion "TwinComfort System".

Breathable office chairs:
Cover and moulded foam "breath" with their bodies. Sweat stains are a thing of the past.

Breathable office chairs:
Cover and moulded foam "breath" with their bodies. Sweat stains are a thing of the past.

Third pillar: Advice

TERGON office chairs are easy to set up, but we’re happy to visit in person to give you some tips. For example, if you ask to test one of our chairs, we’d like to come and see you sitting in it at your desk, in the area you move around in every day. As well as having an eye for how best to adjust our office chairs, we also look at other factors such as your height, the height of your desk, the space around you and the flooring. All of this is important in its own way.

We don’t just make chairs. We take a holistic approach.


Sustainability at TERGON

Sustainability within our company in 10 points

1. Long-lasting materials
To ensure that our office chairs last as long as possible, we choose durable materials for their manufacture from the very beginning: the supporting structure of our chairs, the mechanism, is made of robust steel, which, unlike cheaper versions made of plastic, can withstand stress for decades and is easy to repair. In addition, we use wood as a resource-saving base material for our seat cushions and backrests. Unfortunately, plastic components, for example for armrests, cannot be completely avoided. But we take special care to ensure that they are made from environmentally friendly materials.

2. Sustainable modular system and refurbishment of our chairs
From the very beginning of our company's foundation and development of our production, we established a sustainable modular system. All our chairs consist of a limited set of components, all of which can be replaced without exception should something break. And we can guarantee this for decades. This is because we maintain continuity in our product range design and, after years of development, have determined the best components or models and continue to pursue these in the long run.
In order not to make the life of a good chair dependent on the cleanliness of its upholstery, we offer our customers - if desired - a new upholstery.

3. Eco-friendly components
To minimise our impact on nature, we at TERGON use only water-based adhesives without toxic solvents. We purchase our armrests, foam upholstery and wheels according to strict rules of environmental compatibility. We therefore only use CFC- and solvent-free components.

4. Sustainable criteria when selecting our suppliers
The selection of our suppliers is closely related to this. We acquire all our materials exclusively from Europe. Thus, our chairs cost a little more than those built with components from low-wage countries. Ultimately, the longevity of our chairs justifies the higher price from a financial and environmental perspective.

5. Renewable energies - 100% from our very own solar system
We produce all the electricity we need for production and administration thanks to a solar system on our company premises.

6. Efficient logistics through direct distribution structure
When it comes to transport planning, nature benefits from our direct distribution structure. Unlike many other office furniture manufacturers, who first deliver to the dealer and the dealer to the customer, we minimise transport distances by optimally consolidating orders and combining them with service visits to other customers in the area.

7. Paperless office
With the exception of printed delivery notes, as per customer wishes, we work as paperless as possible - from internal filing to order processing through to accounting.

8. Recycling of all components and materials
At the end of the life cycle of our chairs, we focus on recycling. All materials can be disposed of properly and returned to the material cycle.

9. "Second life" thanks to second-hand market and charity campaigns
We extend the useful life of well-preserved “test chairs” by selling them on the second-hand market. Or we use these chairs to support charitable works as donations in kind.

10. Social responsibility by supporting charitable projects
As a co-partner, the TERGON Foundation has been promoting dialogue, solidarity and intercultural understanding among people worldwide since 2011. For example, we employ working students from all over the world in production as part of a Christian training programme - in support of our own employees - so that they can finance their education. We also share our profits with people from Myanmar, Tibet, Tanzania and the Congo through village development and water supply projects, providing relief in times of sheer need and disaster.



Our service to your benefit

Whether you place your order by phone, in writing, online or at one of our sales consultant on site: your ergonomic TERGON office chair will always go straight from the manufacturer to your office. If you wish and as we highly recommend, it will be adjusted to your individual needs so you can sit comfortably! We will gladly remain at your disposal should you have any requests about your chair. Benefits of choosing TERGON:

Free home delivery: packaging and shipping are free of charge

On-site support directly by the manufacturer

5 years product warranty: Swissmade

10.000.000 chair and colour variations to choose from

Complete line ready for delivery within 3 to 4 weeks

Certified to the quality standards of ISO 9001


Global social projects

We care about the future

TERGON takes a global outlook. We care about the future. We do everything we can to manufacture in a healthy and sustainable way. We share our profit with people who need support to make their plans to improve society a reality. Some of the projects we support include:

Maria Schregel Foundation (Myanmar)

Dr. Eder & Molle Foundation (Cameroun)

TADRA Project (Tibet)

NURU Foundation (Tansania)


TERGON Foundation:

The TERGON Foundation was founded in July 2011 by associates of TERGON office chair manufacturer GmbH and aims to achieve promotion of respect, dialogue, solidarity and understanding between different generations, ethnic groups and cultures all over the world. It supports charitable projects inside and outside of Switzerland and provides assistance in cases of distress or disas- ters. The foundation is financed by donations and investme

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In Switzerland, Germany and the Benelux countries, we deliver our Swiss Ergochair non-bindingly to your company. Then you can strengthen your back for a period of 4 weeks with our motion module and relax with the Twin Comfort System. If you still would like to return the chair, it will be picked up personally by us and there will be no costs for you. Is that a good offer?
Please fill in the address form below in order for us to get in touch with you - your back will be very thankful.