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One of my passions is planes. In the past I wanted to become a commercial pilot and in my youth I flew a lot with gliders over Switzerland. But then I studied engineering and economics.
About 20 years ago I was asked to join a start-up company: to manufacture back-friendly office chairs in Switzerland. Many people said we were crazy to produce in Switzerland and above all office chairs, of which there are already so many. But I was attracted to this adventure because it was different and was supposed to bring real added value to the consumer. My experience in technology and production was exactly what was needed for the start-up. Adventures in the air and on the ground have always fascinated me. So I joined TERGON.

There were three of us and we brought different experiences with us: Georg Endler with his expertise in office chairs and his enthusiasm for the project and Waldemar Silfest, a former bank director who brought his experience in the financial sector.
Starting a new company is like a long distance flight in a glider. At take-off you don't know for sure whether you will arrive and whether the winds will carry you. Depending on the weather and winds, you have to stay flexible and adjust your course throughout the whole flight. It takes courage and a lot of confidence.

Since I come from a technical background, my first responsibility was the development and production of the TERGON chairs. Later I used my talents in sales. I directly established contacts with companies in the German-speaking part of Switzerland and later also in the French- and Italian-speaking parts of Switzerland. In the beginning it was not easy to gain the trust of the customers. It took a lot of stamina and good communication.
For six years I was part of the management board and then moved to Belgium in 2013 for private reasons. There I started to make our office chairs known in the Benelux countries.

Today about 50 people work for TERGON. Our central concern is to help people with our products. Back problems are one of the most common diseases in everyday office life. But this no longer has to be this way. As a QZV ergonomics consultant I try to bring more comprehensive solutions into everyday office life. In 2018 I wrote a book about my own experience about ergonomics in the workplace, enriched with humorous Belgian caricatures. 50 + 1 tips describe how every office can become a little "paradise". I enjoy working for TERGON and would like to help people to find more "joie de vivre" and wellness in the everyday office life.

January 2020

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Treat your back to a four-week vacation
In Switzerland, Germany and the Benelux countries, we deliver our Swiss Ergochair non-bindingly to your company. Then you can strengthen your back for a period of 4 weeks with our motion module and relax with the Twin Comfort System. If you still would like to return the chair, it will be picked up personally by us and there will be no costs for you. Is that a good offer?
Please fill in the address form below in order for us to get in touch with you - your back will be very thankful.