So.. according to the scales, Christmas is long gone

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Christmas roast, sweets and biscuits, New Year's Eve party - the holidays at the end of the year often do not go by without leaving a trace. On the scales some extra pounds will show up very quickly. However, with these tips, you'll lose those holiday pounds again in no time.

Tip 1 : Interval fasting with method “16 to 8”

During this time, no food is eaten for 16 hours in a row. The remaining eight hours of the day you can eat as usual. It can be decided individually whether breakfast or dinner is omitted during the 16-hour fast.

Start with interval fasting for the first time on a day off or on a weekend. Then extend the interval fasting to three to four times a week.

Drink a lot during the 16 hours of interval fasting: 2-3 litres per day but drink as little as possible when having meals. Drink for the last time 15 minutes before and 1 hour after the meal in order for the gastric juices to digest the food well.


Tip 2 : Walk or jog 3 - 4 times per week

For a balanced basic movement about 6,000 steps a day are recommended - if you want to lose weight, you should take 10,000 steps a day. This equals about half an hour of brisk walking or light jogging.

3 - 4 times a week is enough to lose weight. Positive side effect: Exercise strengthens the cardiovascular and immune systems and lowers high blood pressure.

The combination of interval fasting and exercise reduces holiday pounds.


Tip 3 : No more beloved pasta after 5 pm

No bread, potatoes, alcohol, rice, sugar (sweets, soft drinks, juice), honey, oatmeal, and any other foods which contain many carbohydrates.

The reason: in order to break down the carbohydrates from the evening, the pancreas produces the hormone insulin, which causes the blood sugar level to fluctuate unfavourably and consequently stops the burning of fat, which should actually run at full speed overnight.

If you eat a low-carbohydrate diet in the evening, the insulin level in the body remains low, so that the growth hormone somatotropin can become active. The hormone keeps the blood sugar level stable and breaks down fat and builds up muscles - so the body burns more calories at rest. Which actually means you can lose weight while sleeping!

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