The beginning of the TERGON chair

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The birth story of the TERGON chair, narrated by Georg Endler, co-founder of TERGON GmbH

I spent my "apprenticeship years building chairs" at another well-known office chair manufacturer, where the employees could choose their "favourite chair". Despite the large selection, all 150 employees sat on the same chair: a very expensive executive chair, expensive to manufacture and super comfortable to sit on. Mrs. Angela Merkel sits on a similar chair in the Bundestag.

In 2000, together with my two partners, I founded the company TERGON with the aim of developing a completely new office chair. I remembered my "favourite chair" from the "apprenticeship years". I wanted to exceed this sitting comfort and at the same time, offer it at an acceptable price for the many office employees outside the executive world.

We brainstormed for a long time, tried, and then we found "it": a completely new seating comfort, thanks to a new double foam technology, the "TwinComfort". I sit very comfortably on these cushions and even after 8 hours of continuous sitting I don't get tired nor tense. During the development phase, we focused on the additional adjustment options so that the chair would fit absolutely everyone: a backrest with proactive counterpressure for all weight classes, seat and backrest tilt adjustable in millimetres and much more! I am proud that for almost 20 years now, we have been able to offer every office employee the same sitting comfort "as in the Bundestag" at an affordable price .

November 2019

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Treat your back to a four-week vacation
In Switzerland, Germany and the Benelux countries, we deliver our Swiss Ergochair non-bindingly to your company. Then you can strengthen your back for a period of 4 weeks with our motion module and relax with the Twin Comfort System. If you still would like to return the chair, it will be picked up personally by us and there will be no costs for you. Is that a good offer?
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