The climate debate in the office

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The climate debate in the office

In Winter it gets cold and foggy, the heaters in the offices are running at full speed. The air becomes dry and the first complaints arise: Eyes and nostrils dry out, your mouth feels like parchment. The warmth makes you tired and the efficiency decreases.

What should you do?

  • Measure the temperature: The optimum office temperature is between 21° and 22° C.
  • Measure the humidity: A healthy humidity is between 40% and 60%.
  • Use a humidifier in winter: evaporators are recommended as they do not blow bacteria into the air.
  • Air the office briefly twice a day to let new oxygen into the office.

...and you will feel more concentrated and active at work again.

Open up the "climate debate" and speak to your colleagues about it. This is how you promote not only your health but also the working atmosphere in your team.

November 2019

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